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Mystery & Thrillers on Sale

Happy Easter Weekend everyone! Ready for a FREE Book Sale?

As a Christian, I know that Easter is about the cross. For sure. As a chocoholic, I’m grateful for the foil wrapped Easter eggs, and can kid myself that the egg really does represent the devouring of the tomb. As a reader, Easter is also a great time for a saleĀ and the chance to snag some free books. Here in the southern hemisphere, winter is around the corner. That might involve many days lying under a blankie in front of the fire. Kindle time…


So, by definition, a ‘sale’ means cheap books but this one is a little different. A whole bunch of authors have got together and decided that ‘sale’ can also mean free. Because it’s Easter and because we feel like it. Think of it more like an Easter jumble sale. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with these. Our church used to have them all the time. My sister was best at snagging a bargain or something free. I once saw her disappear into a table of clothing and rummage through. When she emerged, she had an outfit worthy of a good night out in a posh restaurant. Me on the other hand, I was more of the book stroking type. I’d come out with a few battered tomes and a daft look on my face.

This event comes courtesy of Renee Pawlish and contains 25 #free books up for grabs! To devour with chocolate…

Download and enjoy! Click on the image or the link below. And happy hunting.


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