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K. T. Bowes is a skilled storyteller. She demonstrates the mastery of her craft over and over with her novels.

Jada Ryker
A distraught teenage girl. A family built on lies. A boy skilled in bush-craft, and a mistake which may cost them everything.

When Callister Rhodes runs away from home, she expects to leave her problems behind. Persuading a classmate to take her into Mount Pirongia’s rugged bush, they stumble on a dangerous secret. When its menace follows them back to Hamilton, Calli’s new life is put in jeopardy. Escaping her complex family should have healed her wounds but instead, it opens new ones.

What happens in the bush should stay in the bush. But it won’t.

This book has five stars from Readers’ Favorite and a top genre winner’s seal in the Authors’ Cave Book Awards 2014.