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She's done it again! I loved this book, much love and intrigue.

The course of true love will never run smooth for the Andreyevs; not while Rohan is still The Actuary.

Recovering from the devastation of Rohan’s last job as The Actuary, Emma Andreyev tries to settle into life as lady of the manor in the small English town of Market Harborough. But as her husband retires his alter ego and promises to become a respectable businessman, trouble descends from too many quarters to be coincidence.

In his rightful place at the centre of the drama is the handsome and divisive Irishman who has Emma’s affections firmly in his sights and Freda, the geriatric sleuth with the wrinkly stockings and wicked sense of humour.

Who bribed a friend to betray the Andreyevs and why?

And how can a six-year-old know so much of what goes on in the house when Emma is clueless? The answer is simple; he’s his father’s son.