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It's a story about grief and letting go; about new beginnings and how love isn't just for the very young, especially when destiny takes a hand; it's about how the best things can come out of the worst days of your life.

She’s ignoring the danger.
The threats can only get worse.

Two strangers meet on a dirty London train. One won’t remember. The other will never forget.

Hana can’t imagine life beyond the train ride. Logan shouldn’t even be there. They are prisoners of circumstance. They are both afraid.

Years later in a small town in New Zealand, the strangers hold the key to each other’s future. Their second meeting will unleash a terrifying chain of events. Hana needs help but is Logan the one to give it?

What would you do if your life depended on an object you couldn’t find?
And would you trust a man you hardly knew when everyone around you warns against it?

Sometimes you just have to risk everything. Or lose it all anyway.