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I loved this book. It tells the story of how little things can bring you together - some chocolates, a family heirloom or a little girl with a mop of red hair.

Kerry D
She must return what she stole. But first, she must find its owner.

The ancient church in a sleepy English town reveals an artifact to historian, Lara, whispering tales of depraved humanity and the murder of innocent men. But her own troubles seem just as big, taunting her from their hiding place under the stairs.

Her new neighbours are crazy; an eccentric teacher and a secretive businessman. If they knew what she’d done, would they hate her?

As Lara painstakingly restores the treasures recovered from the church, she finds redemption and hope. But not everyone wants the past honored. Sometimes, not all history is good history. Sometimes, an artifact should remain hidden.

Awarded a 5* review by Readers’ Favorite