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Yeah, Palmerston North has 2 of my books.

I visited my daughters a few weeks ago, making the 5 hour journey south to Palmerston North in New Zealand to catch up with them. My son joined us from Wellington, driving 2 hours to sleep on an air bed in my middle daughter’s lounge. Why? Because that’s what family does.

We went for a walk in The Esplanade because they always promised they’d take me and in 4 years we hadn’t got around to it. Right in the middle of the rose garden we discovered a bench and next to it, a book shelf, hidden from the weather in a kinda bird table. It acted as a repository for books which people could borrow in the gardens and return, add to and bless others. I loved it.

I visited again this last weekend for my middle daughter’s graduation. What a proud day watching that child walk across the stage and wondering where she got her brains from. How did she not trip? She always used to trip. But instead she glided across like a swan, chatting with the Chancellor of the university, not tongue tied or afraid but conversing like a grown up about her Masters degree and where she felt she might be headed. It brings you up short when that happens; takes your breath away and makes you wonder where that little kid went, the one who always fell over and pushed her nose into a book at every opportunity. Yeah. That was her, gliding across the stage with poise and dignity and a certificate that gave her the right to be there wearing that hat and gown and special scientists’ blue hood.

Palmerston North

I took 2 of my books to The Esplanade this weekend when we went to take my daughter’s graduation photos among the roses. I wanted to be part of the movement which makes books available to others for their enjoyment. I want to believe they’ll be safe and appreciated, not vandalised or discarded by cynics and those who don’t care that I donated over $30 in books to complete strangers.

I don’t know how many people use the free service but I left them a message anyway.

Palmerston North

I put them there with love and hoped someone in Palmerston North would pluck one or both of them out and let me know how they felt. It’s a risk. It leaves me wide open to hideous tricks, personal abuse and loss. But I gave it my best shot anyway.

So here you are people of Palmerston North. I love your city and I wish you well. Thanks for taking care of my girls and giving them a home and walking them ever so gently into their future. Go well. Enjoy. Let me know. Tweet me, Facebook me, say ‘Hi’ because I’d love to hear from you.


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