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Maori Heroes – Logan’s Too Cool For School

Maori heroes are everywhere I look in stunning New Zealand and yet Logan Du Rose is probably one of the hottest. Pig headed, dogged, rude, single minded and easy to rile, don’t list high on the menu when looking for an eligible bachelor, but combine those qualities with tall, muscular and about as gorgeous as a man in his late thirties can be and baby, that’s a recipe for disaster. For you.

Having spent his childhood covering for his immoral brother and adulthood digging his family out of financial ruin, Logan’s had little chance to spread his wings and look for love. Why would he? There’s only one woman for him and as far as he’s concerned; she’s married to someone else.


But it’s interesting to look back on Logan’s life and see where he’s come from; a family without emotional structure, a faulty French and Maori heritage destroyed by lust and covetousness and the pressure of a prophecy delivered before he was able to understand its ramifications. There’s no wonder his school report – recently discovered in the attic of the family home – speaks of Logan’s potential for triumph or disaster.

In the words of his tutor teacher,

” Logan has the potential to build an empire – or sink one and there are many of us intrigued to see which he chooses.”


His whole life stretched out before him at the tender age of 18 and what did he do with his opportunities?

Find out for yourself in About Hana, the free library starter in The Hana Du Rose Mysteries.

Check out the novella which covers Logan’s trip to London four years earlier. 99c on Amazon.

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