'A beautiful read right through to the last page.' Rosalie


When we practice to deceive, what a web of lies we leave

a-trail-of-lies_6_october_16My mother always said that and it’s very true. From one tiny fib comes a world of confusion and it’s always the innocent who suffer the most.

A Trail of Lies was awarded five stars by Readers’ Favorite and earned a top genre winner’s seal in the Authors’ Cave Book Awards 2014.

A distraught teenage girl, a lonely mountain of secrets, a boy skilled in bush-craft, what could possibly go wrong?

“You hate too many things, Cal,” he sighed, brushing stray curls away from her face. “Your heart doesn’t have room for it all.”

When Callister Rhodes runs away from home, she expects to leave her problems behind. Persuading a classmate to take her into the bush on Mount Pirongia, they stumble on a secret that is not easily forgotten and its menace follows her back to Hamilton, staining her new life with old, familiar wounds.

What happens in the bush should stay in the bush, but it won’t. As the consequence of what they did wraps itself around the teenagers, they find themselves in danger. Calli realises all too late that the demons in her past have come full circle and want payback.

The treacherous New Zealand bush offers Calli love and salvation before snatching both cruelly away. But in her quest to find escape she is forced to test her own limits and ultimately, learn to live beyond the trail of lies.


What readers are saying

The first edition of A Trail of Lies was originally published as Blaming the Child.

“K. T. Bowes is a skilled storyteller. She demonstrates the mastery of her craft over and over with her novels.” Jada Ryker

“The plot and the twists that K.T. Bowes incorporates are first class.” W Stuart

“The characters were crafted with excellence.” Athena

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