'Heartwarming storyline with mystery at every corner.' LtlFun1


One chance. One life. One heartbeat away from eternity.

A face from the past disturbs Hana’s second chance at love, pitching her backwards as her old life bleeds into the new. She’s forced to deal with buried hurts and learn that forgiveness is a two part process.

When a body is discovered at the school boarding house, the Du Roses are dragged into a dangerous intrigue. And who is the mysterious man who Hana meets under cover of darkness? He remembers her as a younger woman and makes her feel alive again. What will it take for Logan to finally begin telling her the truth and will it be too late?

Nobody could have foreseen the dreadful outcome of a harmless day out. The lives of the little Du Rose family is forever changed. And Hana discovers how close one heartbeat is to eternity.

A quote from “Nothing in the world scared Logan Du Rose but one tiny detail – the things which made his life worth living were the ones he had no earthly way of keeping.”

If you like small town mysteries with heart, then you’ll love the Du Roses.

Buy One Heartbeat to get a taste of mystery down under.

What readers are saying

“Love this series….need to read!” Amazon Customer

” It was funny, sad, and gripping reading again.” Mrs M A Allen

“Five emotional stars.” Demelza Carlton

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