'New Zealand winner!' Jacqueline


She thought it was over. She believed she was safe. She isn’t.

With the shock of a tragic death hanging over Logan’s family, Hana takes charge and makes some key decisions. But she’s wrestling with issues of her own and finds herself overwhelmed. When an intimidating stranger corners her with the threat of blackmail, what should she do?

She needs Logan’s help, but he’s mentally unavailable. If Hana doesn’t play the game, everyone loses. With everything at stake, she picks up the mantle of family leader and rolls the dice to risk what she values most. There is only one winner but will it be her? It’s all or nothing, because the loser dies.

If you like strong female protagonists who will do anything to protect their own, you’ll love Hana Du Rose.

Buy The New Du Rose Matriarch and get a mystery you won’t be able to put down.

A quote from the novel. “Blame and hate are so overrated, my friend. They deliberately draw us backwards and never let us go.”

What readers are saying

“This whole series has been a “Cannot put this down” read for me.” Soniebird

“Wonderful and suspenseful! Great reading!” Irene Ramirez

“Great stories with just the right mix of suspense, excitement and romance. Hard to put down!” Becki H

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