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Previously untold, this is Logan’s story and the prequel to the Hana Du Rose Mysteries.

In later life, the burdens placed on Logan Du Rose as a child will dictate the man he becomes and in this short novella, the reader is offered a window into his visit to London at the tender age of fourteen. Fans of The Hana Du Rose Mysteries will relish the opportunity to see inside this elusive man as he struggles to manage a family and hold up a legacy, single handed.

The Du Rose prophecy is a thread which runs through every book in the series and this is the reader’s only chance to witness its birth, delivered at the hand of a dying man. Already a man of his word, Logan’s trip to the other side of the world leaves him burdened with the weight of a promise, one which he will fulfill at any cost.

What readers are saying

“Beautifully portrayed and if you haven’t read the Du Rose series, this book is a good place to start and it will get better and better.”  Rosalie

“Logan is really a powerful character, and this story is a wonderful prequel to the entire saga.”  Zeece

“The world she portrays is deep and authentic, and I found the Maori cultural references especially fascinating.” CJ Rutherford

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If you’re interested, here’s an audio recording of a reading performed by the author of the first chapter of Logan Du Rose. Enjoy!
Forgive some of the Maori pronunciations and stumblings…


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