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Hana Du Rose

“Finally, Hana turned to face her husband. He hadn’t moved and his grey gaze was fixed on her still. She couldn’t work out if he were opting for the ‘fight or flight’ version of events as he gave absolutely nothing away. Logan Du Rose was like a deep lagoon. No matter how far Hana dived into the black water, she could never find the bedrock. She may have miles to chart or be about to break her neck on the bottom. There was no telling.”

Her new husband is gorgeous but Hana’s secret marriage to Logan will upset her family. Hana’s adult children have disturbing secrets of their own and her son resents his new stepfather with a passion.

Hana wonders how she ever bemoaned her simple existence and willingly swapped it for this. She spends her life in hiding from a blonde man who hunts her for his own entertainment. When she finds the thing he wants, she’s no nearer to discovering its significance.

Despite appearances, Hana’s new husband is not just a school teacher. He has secrets and he keeps them close to his chest. Hana quickly discovers that the Du Rose family is complicated and twisted, operating under a very different moral code to hers. When Logan is seriously injured, she watches them close ranks and unify. Against her.

Then Hana makes an alarming discovery which will change her life forever and there’s no going back. An old mistake is repeated and she will have to deal with it.

What readers are saying

“To say I love this book is an understatement and now that I have read the first two, can’t wait to get to the next.” Ron Morris

“More books should be like this.” H.Wade

“Once you’ve entered Hana’s life, you just have to know what happens next.” Demelza Carlton

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