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The Boxed Set

Five star reviews from Readers’ Favorite. 1000s of individual copies downloaded. 1500 pages of drama. Readers say of the first four books in the series, “You can’t put them down.”

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The Hana Du Rose Mysteries Boxed Set


Meet Logan Du Rose. He’s the youngest son in a complicated Maori family, finding himself in London through a chance twist of providence. His older brother should have been the one to r
eceive the gift, but a family prophecy dictated otherwise and Logan’s fate is sealed. As his culture clashes with the impersonal London surroundings, Logan bumps into a distressed woman on an underground train and his life will never be the same.


Alone before her time, beautiful Hana Johal is vulnerable and in danger. When a gang of criminals focus on her property and then her person, the local police seem inept to help. The new English teacher at the New Zealand boys’ school exudes power and authority, falling easily into his role. Yet his interest in Hana gives her a peculiar feeling of deja vu. She feels as though they’ve met once before, but can’t remember where. As the criminals increase the pressure on Hana and she’s forced to change her life, only Logan Du Rose seems able to protect her.


Keeping Hana safe isn’t easy when she’s impulsive and constantly puts herself in danger. But Hana’s new husband isn’t just a school teacher. He has secrets. Some believe he runs an underground Auckland mafia. To make things worse, the family Hana has unwittingly married into is complicated and twisted, operating under a very different moral code to hers. When Logan is seriously injured, she watches them close ranks and unify – against her.

Then Hana makes an alarming discovery which will change her life forever and she knows there’s no going back. An old mistake has been repeated and now she will have to live with it.


As the school the Du Roses work at throws its doors open for an annual event, Hana is left vulnerable to attack and Logan is forced to take drastic measures to protect her. But he’s hiding something from his wife. He has the answers to her dilemma but they will cost him dearly. To make matters worse, the lives of the newlyweds become complicated by past relationships which creep back into their marriage and threaten to ruin everything. Dreadful secrets find their way out into the open and as death pays a visit to the Du Roses, a damaging truth is revealed. Logan’s world comes crashing down, detonating his legacy from the inside.

Only time will tell if the Du Roses can ever recover.

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