'A knack for turning an ordinary event into something extraordinary.' Pamela Foley


One sin she can’t forgive. He knew that. He did it anyway.

It seemed nothing and nobody could replace Hana in Logan’s affections. They’ve arrived home from a trip to Europe looking stronger than ever as a family unit. Yet disaster looms in the shape of an unexpected visitor, throwing the Du Roses into turmoil. The past will not leave them in peace.

Hana possesses the thing Logan wants but his behaviour drives her to keep it secret. When he becomes the prime suspect in a murder, she sets out to solve the mystery with her usual brand of chaos. She’ll free her husband, but in the process she may accidentally destroy him.

The old matriarch’s prophecy resonates with truth. The Du Rose sons will bring about their family’s ruin.

A quote from the novel. “Hana looked up at her husband. He towered over her, a massive presence full of bearing and authority. It terrified her to know she could destroy him with a single word. He was her strong rock with a hidden fissure through the centre, fragile and flawed in its tainted excellence. He completed so much of her that without Logan, she no longer knew who Hana was.”

If you like nail biting sagas with men to die for and women who remind you of yourself, then you’ll love The Hana Du Rose Mysteries.

Buy Du Rose Sons to get a taste of New Zealand culture and experience a family drama you can relate to.

What readers are saying

“Totally loved it.” Maria

“I’m hoping there will be more Hana Du Rose books, because I’ve fallen in love with Logan!” Eli Maurx

“This is the third time I’ve read the whole series. They are awesome. I will read them all again sometime, I keep them on hand.” Priscilla

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