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A prophecy in the making. History for the taking. And disaster beckons the sons of an ancient family.

Decades ago on a mountain in New Zealand, a rich landowner sat with her grandson and told him the stories of his people. She prophesied he would be the one to rebuild their legacy.

Thirty-five years later and Logan Du Rose is trying to make it happen, but history will not make it easy for him. Each time he believes the prophecy fulfilled, circumstance gets in the way. As he struggles to keep his new family line together, he’s distracted by disturbing events. Two deaths at his workplace cause upset and disbelief among the staff, whilst the return of mysterious family treasures create trouble within his household. The diaries of his grandmother have untold stories to reveal, threatening the safety of Logan’s legacy forever.

If you like New Zealand mysteries with a underlying cultural twist, then you’ll love the Du Roses.

Buy The Du Rose Prophecy to get eight hours of reading pleasure.

What readers are saying

“Loved the series.” Cherri Hess

“Totally absorbing read.” Irene Ramirez

“Loved this series.” Evalee P Goins

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