'A knack for turning an ordinary event into something extraordinary.' Pamela Foley

Du Rose Legacy


du-rose-legacy-6october16“The woman turned her steely gaze onto Hana and the men stopped talking. Logan’s grey eyes pierced her soul. They were alight and sparkling, more animated than she had ever seen them, but there was a depth of something she had not previously encountered. He looked like a moth which deliberately flies too near a flame, thrill seeking.”

Hana Du Rose is newly married and pregnant. Widowhood has left her raising children alone before, but she might have to repeat the experience as her new husband is arrested, suspected of a serious assault on a colleague.

Career criminal, Michael Laval is actively pursuing her, demanding the object in Hana’s possession and won’t stop until he gets it. But does it belong to him or to someone else?

As the school they work at throws its doors open for an annual event, Hana is left vulnerable to attack and Logan is forced to take drastic measures to protect her. But Logan Du Rose is hiding something from his wife. He has some answers but they are going to cost him dearly.

To make matters worse, the lives of the newlyweds are complicated by past relationships which creep spitefully into their marriage and threaten to ruin everything. Dreadful secrets find their way out into the open at the worst possible moments and as death pays a visit to the Du Roses, a damaging truth is revealed and Logan’s life comes crashing down, detonating his legacy from the inside.

Only time will tell if the Du Roses can recover from this.

What readers are saying

“After reading the first book in the series, I was hooked and had to get all the rest.”  Bossmare

“Be prepared to want to read right through the night.” Rosalie

“I love the Hana series, and this book did not fail to catch my interest and I read until my eyes fell out.” Marie Alexander

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For those people who always want to know what music an author was listening to while writing; Du Rose Legacy was definitely a child of Bastille’s ‘Laughter Lines.’ It’s the idea that some relationships surpass time and space. Logan loved Hana from that first moment on the train and never cared about stretch marks or laughter lines. He didn’t allow time or hardship to diminish her in his eyes. My youngest daughter got me playing Bastille and I listened to this song over and over, especially when writing the last few chapters. C’est la vie.

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