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Du Rose Family Ties

Family Ties that Bind and Divide

drft-on-coffee-tableAs a prophecy still winds its wicked fingers through the lives of her children, Hana Du Rose is forced to consider its truths once again. “The sons will be the ruin of this family.”

When she finds a stricken teenager injured in the bush, Hana tries to help him and ends up putting herself in danger. Parenting her fragile little nephew and raising her own children, it’s not surprising that she extends the hand of friendship to this new stranger and includes him in her family. But rescuing other people’s stray children will demand a terrible price; one that Hana might not be willing to pay.

This is the ninth in the Hana Du Rose Mysteries featuring her colourful, New Zealand family. The novel is currently in beta but will be available on 7th January 2017. Grab your copy early and banish those back-to-work-post-Christmas blues.

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