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The Lincoln Imp

Demons on her shoulder August 2016From his perch at the top of a pillar in Lincoln Cathedral, the imp watches city life with an air of stony detachment. Tourists peer continually up at his location, desperate to see the reason for the city’s unusual carved mascot. To some, he is clearly visible but to others, he will remain an enigma, a demon on the shoulder of a quaint rural town.

Jayden Mitchell has a secret, one which threatens to destroy the success of her work within the Lincolnshire Parish of St Jude’s. She is one of the best counsellors that the parish has ever employed to sort out the hidden mess of human frailty within the prosperous inner city congregation, but if anyone was to find out about her past, it would all be over.

Someone knows and they have the power to detonate Jayden’s life completely. As the attractive woman holds on tightly to the double life that she has created for herself, struggling against a vicious tide of destruction, a murder at the church complicates matters further and brings her ever more into the spotlight.

Jayden’s continued friendship with Raphael Abbadeli, the handsome Italian gym owner, causes Jayden to take stock of her isolated existence and wonder if perhaps she should consider a more complete relationship with the confusing male. But the arrival in town of his equally handsome brother makes her question what it is that she really wants.

As life in the rural city spirals quickly out of control, the demons come out to play and press home their advantage, banking on their influence to continue the suppression of Jayden’s former self. They ride on her shoulders mercilessly, Anger, Guilt and Death, clawing their way into her psyche and attempting to keep her prisoner.

Yet a higher power is in play, forcing the odds in Jayden’s favour and lining things up so that she has to face her demons once and for all, or be forever trapped.

This is a novel of restitution and hope, demonstrating that unique and powerful human ability to build a life from the ashes of destruction, a life without emotional demons.

What readers are saying

“With her plot and her characters, Ms. Bowes creates a novel which remains with readers long after the last word is read.” Jada Ryker

“The book is really chilling in some ways, and affected me a lot in its accuracy in terms of some of the ways the trauma and its effects are dealt with. The characters are really three-dimensional and very “real” feeling, as I’ve found with all of KT Bowes work.” J C Andrijeski

“The author is a brilliant writer, the way she describes the emotions of her characters are poetic. Her voice is genuine, and her character development is very skillful.” Amazon Customer

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