'A knack for turning an ordinary event into something extraordinary.' Pamela Foley

Gone Phishing

Fishing for Love or Phishing for Cash?

This novel is the fourth in the Troubled Series for teens and involves a mystery surrounding Facebook and the con involving phishing. Seventeen and in love, Sophia Armitage has the world at her feet. Until her father starts acting weird.

Why would a man who’s never shown an interest in social media create a secret Facebook page and start talking about moving south?

As her life begins to unravel, Sophia’s convinced her father’s involved with an online catfish. She and bad-boy heart throb, Dane, set out to stop Edgar making one of the worst decisions of his life but when he puts the family home up for sale, they realise it might be too late.

Heading to the southern city of Palmerston North to hunt down the woman manipulating a vulnerable man, the teenagers discover the difference between fishing and phishing first hand and break their own relationship in the process.




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