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“The imaginary friends of an author are the constant companions of their dreams. Writing gives us an excuse to chat to them legitimately.”  K T Bowes

K T Bowes author

Who is K T Bowes?

Born to soldiering parents and raised in the British Royal Air Force with one younger sister, K T Bowes enjoyed an incredible childhood living in the armed forces community. She learned to ride her first bicycle on the runway in between Tornado and Hercules planes landing in a Cold War locked West Germany.

The author’s mother taught her to read and write at the age of 3, something the poor woman later regretted. Crayon is impossible to remove from the carpet. Starting school aged 4, K T Bowes refused to learn phonetics calling it, ‘baby talk’ and so set the pattern for a life which strayed away from the beaten track.

She traveled to Wales to obtain an English degree, taught by a Scotsman and an American. Leaving with her degree certificate clutched in her sticky little hand, a crazy twist of fate sent her away from the idea of teaching or writing and into law enforcement. Over the next decade she gained a husband, four gorgeous children and a fair bit of weight. She shed the weight but wisely kept the family members.

A Risky Adventure

In 2006 she climbed onto an international flight with her family, a suitcase and a little bit of cash, bound for a different life in New Zealand. They turned up at Auckland airport and saw the huge blue sky for the first time. The one way ticket proved a great idea.

Her husband found a job and her children reluctantly went to school, leaving the author searching for a way to contribute to her family’s dwindling finances. She remembered the immortal words of her father who once said, “When are you planning to use that darn English degree, girl? That was a waste of money.”

In between working part-time in a city school and taking care of her family, she wrote a novel and then another and another. Twenty published books later, including a few bestsellers and she’s still writing. Her role as an archivist for a private collector shows up often in her story lines.

Her New Zealand Home

She jogs slowly, horse rides badly and admits she can’t cook to save her life. K T Bowes is a Christian, but not a very good one. Apparently it’s all about the trying and she’s very trying.

K T Bowes lives in a little house on a riverbank in the north island of New Zealand. She’s grateful for her husband’s IT skills and occupies him with her technical accidents. A ginger cat rules over them all and occasionally permits the entrance of visiting grown up children. A head full of the author’s characters gives her lots to obsess about..

As a dual citizen of New Zealand and Britain, K T Bowes now calls New Zealand home. The view from her window is Taupiri Mountain and the Waikato River, two strongholds which feature often in her writing.

The novels of K T Bowes are mystery romances and can be purchased at all major retailers. Check out the BOOKS pages for how to get the free ones.
K T Bowes gave an author interview in November 2015 for That’s Life Magazine which can be seen in their back issues.

That's Life Magazine author interview

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If you want to listen to her BBC radio interview from 2016, it’s below.


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  1. I have enjoyed your book Hana so much I felt lost in it and have to say with sincere pleasure that it was really absorbing and so well written that I had to keep reading until it was finished I am an avid reader and well read (always got a book ready at hand to read) so I know that I will be reading more of you books. I am 75 years old and although I was born and bred in Edinburgh, Scotland, I now live in Paphos, Cyprus. Well done for a beautiful well written book. Mrs E Thomson

    1. That is so lovely to hear. I do have the occasional crisis of confidence so it’s a real tonic to hear lovely comments about my writing. Thank you for taking the trouble to do that. It’s precious. Email me admin@ktbowes.com so I can let you have the next in the series for free.

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