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I’ve been writing and painting since I could hold a pencil and it’s been my saving grace on many occasions. Creative activity releases me from the insanity of existence and allows me to walk in other places. We all need to escape sometimes.

The imaginary friends of an author  are the constant companions of their dreams. Writing gives us an excuse to chat to them legitimately.

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I’ve published 20 novels with the Hakarimata Press and am working simultaneously on 3 more.

As a dual citizen of New Zealand and Britain, there’s plenty for me to write about. The view from my window is Taupiri Mountain and the Waikato River, two strongholds which feature often in my writing.  My novels are mystery romances and can be purchased through Amazon and Smashwords. Each book has a list of retailers at the bottom of the page.

Who am I?

Born to soldiering parents and raised in the British Royal Air Force with one younger sister, I never dreamed I’d become an author. I enjoyed an incredible childhood living in the armed forces community. I learned to ride my first bicycle on the runway in between the Tornado and Hercules planes landing and taking off in a Cold War locked West Germany.

By the time I started secondary school aged 11, I’d already attended 4 schools due to moving around every 3 years. I learned to hate change and new challenges. Yet as an adult, I still get what my family calls ‘itchy feet’ after 5 years in one place and expect to move on. I’ve lived in the Waikato area of New Zealand for almost ten years now, which is a personal record.

I attended university in Aberystwyth, mid-Wales and joke how I went to Wales to be taught English by a Scotsman and an American. I loved uni and enjoyed my degree but life entertained other plans. My 22nd birthday saw me married and working as a law enforcement officer for local government. Diplomas and post graduate qualifications in law, counselling and assisting special needs children; I collected them all over a 15 year period. A move to Market Harborough in Leicestershire for my husband’s work rekindled a spiritual interest and a faith I believed I’d lost.

A Risky Adventure

In 2006 with 4 children and a very varied career later, I stood with one foot on the bottom step of an  Emirates plane bound for New Zealand. Our life’s possessions comprised a suitcase each in the hold and a wad of dollars in my wallet.  I climbed those stairs with my heart in my mouth; no home, no jobs and absolutely no plan beyond the first week. Four small children climbed the stairs ahead of me and a very brave husband led the way.

My novels are a culmination of my life’s adventures, the crazy scrapes I get into and the things I’ve learned along the way.

I gave an author interview in November 2015 for That’s Life Magazine which can be seen in their back issues. They’re one of the largest magazines in Oceania.

That's Life Magazine author interview

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If you want to listen to my BBC radio interview from my trip to the UK, it’s here.


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  1. I have enjoyed your book Hana so much I felt lost in it and have to say with sincere pleasure that it was really absorbing and so well written that I had to keep reading until it was finished I am an avid reader and well read (always got a book ready at hand to read) so I know that I will be reading more of you books. I am 75 years old and although I was born and bred in Edinburgh, Scotland, I now live in Paphos, Cyprus. Well done for a beautiful well written book. Mrs E Thomson

    1. That is so lovely to hear. I do have the occasional crisis of confidence so it’s a real tonic to hear lovely comments about my writing. Thank you for taking the trouble to do that. It’s precious. Email me so I can let you have the next in the series for free.

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