'A knack for turning an ordinary event into something extraordinary.' Pamela Foley


Maybe not all Saints, but definitely all sinners

soccer footballForced to marry her wayward cousin, Ursula Saint keeps a damaging family secret for years. Her husband’s tragic death leaves her destitute and broken, selling her possessions and beautiful home on the Auckland north shore and moving into a rented apartment to cope with his crippling debts.

Fifth generation New Zealander, Ursula is the product of the formidable Saint family; owners of All Saints Soccer Club and winners of last year’s cup final. But there’s a rottenness at the heart of the family and the club falls victim to their bigotry and lies, threatening to drag the Saint’s good name through the churned up winter mud, amidst terrible accusations.

The Saints have rules and disobeying them draws consequences. As Ursula rises from the ashes of her empty life, she discovers passion and excitement in an unexpected place. The Saints don’t associate with referees and that’s what Teina Fox is. Ursula has broken rule number one of the Saint code.

She faces a dilemma; stop seeing the sexy referee or lose her place in the family.

What readers are saying

“Written with an understated simplicity and grace, All Saints is a quiet novel that sneaks up on a reader until they realize – with surprise – that they are hooked into the story and completely involved.” Patricia S

“I really enjoyed All Saints. K T Bowes knows how to tell a great story. Many twists and turns. Enjoy!” Barbara

“Well worth it to read.” Nancy Hetzell

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