'Heartwarming storyline with mystery at every corner.' LtlFun1


The Wife

theactuaryswife6october16Rohan and Emma seem determined to make their relationship work but it’s hard being the wife of The Actuary. When Dolan, the sexy Irishman reveals Rohan’s hiding something, Emma does her own investigating and is heartbroken by what she finds. Before she can resolve her romance issues, Emma’s work at the school uncovers a century old deceit which may just get her killed first.

What readers are saying

” I’ve pre-ordered book 3 and I’m hanging on by my thumbnails until it comes out in May!” RedQueenBee

“LOVE this series! The interrelations are very realistic. Action, mystery, drama, love story, family … something for everyone.” Child of I Am

“This book has all you can ask for, intrigue, mystery and love.” Barbara


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