'New Zealand winner!' Jacqueline


She’s beautiful. She’s lonely. And she’s vulnerable.

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Widowed young, Hana Johal is tired of spending her weekends alone. When a handsome new colleague shows an interest, it throws her into a spin. As other women fight for his attention, it seems he’s only interested in her. Should she seize the opportunity for romance, or protect herself from inevitable humiliation?

Strange events and minor accidents start to erode Hana’s sense of safety, pushing her closer to this mysterious, younger man. But when he lets her down too, who else can she trust?

If you like layers of suspenseful tension which keep you reading long after you should have stopped, you’ll love The Hana Du Rose Mysteries.

Grab About Hana for FREE and escape to stunning New Zealand, where the men are rugged and the sun always shines. Lose yourself in this 9 book saga. Reading will never be the same again.

What readers are saying

“After starting this series I found I couldn’t put them down…” Amazon Customer

“Grab a glass of wine, sit back and enjoy the world that Ms. Bowes has created for your reading pleasure.”   Pamela Foley

“I bought the whole series!” Barbara Walkley

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